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Vanga Products
Vanga Products

Vanga Products

Address:     2330 190th Street, Surrey, BC
Site: Approximately 3.14 acres
Building Description:     The site will be located in Surrey in the Campbell Heights Business Park, on Lot 4 (304). The building will consist of a warehouse, manufacturing and two storey office facility. The project has a gross floor area of approximately 76,605 square feet as follows:
Unit A
Warehouse 21,735 square feet
Finished Main Floor Office 2,310 square feet
Mechanical /Electrical Room 400 square feet
Total 24,445 square feet
Unit B
Warehouse 26,763 square feet
Manufacturing 16,707 square feet
Auxiliary Equipment Room 590 square feet
Main Floor Shop & Staff Rooms 4,050 square feet
Second Floor Office & Mezz 4,050 square feet
Total 52,160 square feet
Total Development 76,605 square feet