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Corporate Overview

Optimus Building Corporation (formerly known as Opus Building Corporation) has earned an international reputation in office building design and construction since it was founded over 25 years ago by Willard E. Olauson (President) and J.J. (Joe) Shannon (Executive Vice President).

Since 1983, Optimus, through various legal entities, has created and overseen the office building plans, design and construction of over 15 million square feet of office, high tech, industrial and retail facilities, custom-built to our clients' specifications. (See our showcase of office building design projects built in the past).

Our Unique "Design-Build" Method of Office Planning and Design

Over the years, Optimus, through various legal entities, has helped pioneer the field of Design-Build office planning and design. This process eliminates the step-by-step approach used in traditional architect/contractor building modes and replaces it with a unified approach that involves all facets of the project simultaneously. By centrally coordinating all processes and doing them at the same time whenever possible, we avoid the modifications that tend to plague linear-managed projects.

Our method also eliminates conflicts and communication gaps that can lead to scheduling and budget overruns. It ensures a smooth interface among all aspects of office planning and design, right through to construction and completion. It helps achieve maximum quality by guarding the integrity of the original concept throughout the entire project.

And it has ensured our customers' satisfaction for over 25 years.

International and Local Success

Our client-focused approach to office building design and construction has made us the choice for major national and international clients such as General Motors, Future Shop, Unisource Canada, and Toronto Dominion Bank as well as many regional and locally-based businesses. Our extensive list of past clients is proof that we can deliver your project on time and on budget.

From office building plans to turn-key completion, from industrial construction manager services to property management, all of our energies are focused on developing the solutions you need, wherever you are.

We have offices in various metropolitan centers through Optimus Building Corporation, plus strong affiliations with firms in Toronto.